Busting on my undies (Slow-Motion Series)

signup1 Busting on my undies (Slow Motion Series)

Cumshot onto my shirt (Slow-Motion Series)

signup1 Cumshot onto my shirt (Slow Motion Series)

Watch in slow motion as I bust a creamy load onto my shirt. Time to do some laundry! icon smile Cumshot onto my shirt (Slow Motion Series)

Homemade Cumshot (Slow-Motion Series)

signup1 Homemade Cumshot (Slow Motion Series)

This is my first video from my new slow-motion series. Expect more, i hope you enjoy seeing my huge cock as it spurts an enormous white explosion icon razz Homemade Cumshot (Slow Motion Series)

Chase Strokes In The Shower Again!

signup2 Chase Strokes In The Shower Again!

My buddy Chase is at it again. Stroking it in the shower and telling us a little more about himself. Check out the full video in the members side! Last week was fairly awesome. First of all I’d like to congratulate my New York Giants on their tremendous super bowl win. I spent Superbowl Sunday at my friends place with a few chicks. Needless to say I was more interested in the football game and the buffalo wings, rather than the women. The Friday before the game I went with my friend to a club and met with some people. Standard night. I got effed up and danced for way too long and got pretty sweaty. So much so, that I had to go outside and get some fresh air. When I wanted to go back in, the bouncer wouldn’t let me back in! I had to wait on line (without a jacket) for an hour before they let me back in. After some arguing and shivering I went back and danced some more.

Have a Great week everyone!


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